Dive into deep blues, rich golds and haute couture, as Colin Dodgson and Francesca Burns shoot Kiki Willems: a breakout star of the spring/summer 17 shows and a supermodel in the making.

i want to dive into your ocean

i-D Fall 2016 Photographer: Colin Dodgson Stylist: Francesca Burns Hair: Alex Brownsell Model: Kiki Willems

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Astonishing Splashes of Colour: Indigo

She sells sea shells - a lovely blue color palette from Yarn Love. This palette became my Dragonfly colorway - find it at Yarn Love.

2016 Stationery Color Trends : Deep Blue Green

The deep teal 2016 stationery color trend, featuring inspiration and paper goods in this dramatic, luxurious hue.

Tanzanite Crystal, The "Deep Blue" in hand (. 8 cm, 970 cts)

Der "Deep Blue" in der Hand cm, 970 cts.) / The "Deep blue" holded cm, 970 cts.) (F: Malte Sickinger)

Deep blue...almost reminds me of a certain someone's Tardis. ;)   I wonder if you'll figure out WHO I'm talking about...

Our very blue front door. (Decorative wreath = Seasonal) Photo by Ryan Mueller Taken March,

Navy Blue - A Basic Fashion Color

4 Fashionable Shades of Blue

I thought I would go red for an accent color, but I also really like this dark purple! Eggplant or Plum Flower Girl Petals - Plum Wedding Accessories - Plum Wedding Collections

Incredible Deep Blue Green #Sapphire Ring Vintage Platinum Mounting

Incredible Deep Blue Green #Sapphire Ring Vintage Platinum Mounting

08. blue-interior

Best Ceiling Paint Color Ideas and How to Choose It

The dark blue cabinets of this modern kitchen bring in a touch of sophisticated fun and help bring out the darker flecks in the marble island.

Kitchen Color Inspiration - 12 Shades Of Blue Cabinets

Kitchen Design Idea - How To Add Marble In Your Kitchen // The dark blue cabinets make the dark flecks in the marble more prominent but also create a contrast with the light color of the marble and the light backsplash.