Dean Winchester Inspired Outfit

Amelia is an 17 year girl, she is Elena Gilbert's twin sister and doesn't know about the supernatural, but in the town of mystical falls nothing is kept a secret for long.

Dean Winchester ~ Supernatural

Future Dean and the sexy thigh holster. Am I the only person that got uncontrollably happy when I saw what an amazing jeep he drove? I mean, there is nothing sexier than Jensen Ackles driving a nice jeep!

Season 7 Supernatural Brown Leather Jacket

Buy Dean Winchester leather jacket and cotton, This design is used in the T.V series Supernatural. you can get this jacket at discount.

"Supernatural - Dean Winchester Inspired Prom Outfit" by staystronng on Polyvore

Prom: the dress is so pretty and i like the color and the jacket is so awesome the hair would be hard to do but worth it and the shoes i would go with a shorter heel but other than that its the perfect outfit