Day of the Dead Dia de los Muertos Frida Kahlo Señorita Red Rose Turquoise Sugar Skull Dangle Hypoallergenic Earrings. $10.00, via Etsy.

Day of the Dead Earrings Dia de los Muertos Frida Kahlo Señorita Red Rose Turquoise Sugar Skull Earrings Dangle Hypoallergenic Earrings

Day of the Dead Marshmallow Sugar Skull Pops: Teach your kids about Day of the Dead with this fun, edible craft

Day of the Dead Marshmallow Sugar Skull Pops

Day of the Dead Marshmallow Sugar Skull Pops. Use the extra large camping marshmallows and stick a pretty candy cane into bottom.

Easy Glow In The Dark Day of The Dead Lanterns.

20+ Fun and Easy DIY Halloween Decorating Projects

Place some glowing in the dark dead lanterns on the steps of front porch: 38 Cool and Cheap DIY Halloween Projects Will Give Your Guests A Fright

Graveyard Glamor - Celebrate Day of the Dead With These Sugar Skull Makeup Ideas - Photos

Graveyard Glamor


, I walked into Target and there was Day of the Dead stuff everywhere for Halloween. Michaels too had a big selec

Name Skeletons: Art for Dia de Los Muertos / Day of the Dead, calaveras

I love creating art for Dia de Los Muertos. I gave a little lesson on Jose Guadalupe, the print.

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Tattoo Art roestvrij stalen 8 oz. Hip dualiteit door NeverDieArt

in Signed Art Print - Duality - Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Girl Black and White Tattoo Art Portrait - My Sugar Skulls

Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos is a Mexican celebration when families gather to honor the memory of deceased loved ones. It's a fusion of traditions found in Europe and Mesoamerica, particularly the ancient Aztec empire. See the graphic.

Day of the Dead: From pre-Columbian roots to today