david ho window, suitable for an art project like the GCSE Openings

illyuwn: “ “We are not trapped by our thoughts. What we generally do, however, is create thoughts that trap us.” - Joshua David Stone ” artwork by David Ho

A photo that my mom got framed for me, it looks amazing.

Perhaps Man Created God, by David Ho, one of my favourite artists.

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Chronic Lying is a Signature Trait of the Narcissistic Personality (This refers to male and female narcissists). "Lies roll off the tongue of a narcissist as smoothly as butter melting on hot bread.

some really incredible work here

Death Contemplating Life, Contemplations series by David Ho


Cars Consumed by Grass

David Ho - David Ho is an undisputed master of rendering bizarre concepts. His personal website describes it best when it says he’s a, “uniquely e.

David Ho

Dawn of Destiny – “Praying to the World” « Femme Metal Webzine

pixography:  David Ho ~ “Communicator of the Grotesque”David Ho…

David Ho ~ “Communicator of the Grotesque” “David Ho creates dark digital art with irony. Pieces expressing grief, despair, isolation and sexual disturbance become highly emotional statements in cold,.

The Sacrifice by David Ho, via his website www.davidho.com, under gallery, commercial. Tusken Raiders. Not only is his art interesting but so is his website's design.

Gorgeously creative art from the amazing book Star Wars: Visions (Part 1 of

Mobvoi Inc. HQ office by David Ho Design Studio Beijing  China #professionalofficedesigns

Mobvoi Inc. HQ office by David Ho Design Studio Beijing China #professionalofficedesigns