You should try this  My ballet workout my teacher kept motivating me and now I'm a great dancer

The Long & Lean Ballerina Workout by Christine Bullock

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I don't really know what "Ballet Abs" are, but they seem more elegant than regular abs

12 Amazing Weight Loss Ab Workouts

Love to dance? Get Ballet abs with this simple at home routine. Turn up the music! Great guess I need this now that I'm taking dance.

Legs Workout: Oh my goodness! I did this for the first time today. My legs were jell-o

I am determined to look good in Yoga pants

Ballet Abs - Click image to find more Health & Fitness Pinterest pins

Ballet Abs - I don't remember doing any of these separately (except for crunches) when I use to dance. I got my "ballet abs" by holding it in during class for 10 years; however, these exercises are great for anyone.

Seven days Workout plan

Weekly Workout Plan

Great weekly workout plan that you can do at home - I would probably mix the days up each week here-s-to-our-health

Improve back flexibility with these yoga exercises.

Improve back flexibility

Streches to Improve back flexibility.looking for deeper belly dance moves? Try these back stretching yoga poses!

30 Day Splits Challenge (need to be able to do splits before starting challenge) More

Fit Tip: What to Eat Before & After a Workout

Ballet Workout

Ballet Workout Ballet looks deceptively easy but anyone who has tried it knows it is exceptionally difficult requiring great balance, strength, flexibil

The 20-Minute Workout That'll Help You Get a Dancer's Body Like Julianne Hough's

The 20-Minute Workout That'll Help You Get a Dancer's Body

The Workout That'll Help You Get a Dancer's Body - You'll love this strength-training workout from Julianne Hough's trainer.

Dancer Leg Workout! Might need to start this

Dancer Leg Workout- it definitely needs some things added and modifications but a good base to work with to get back in the grove of doing a little bit

Get A Dancer's Body

Print It: Get a Dancer's Body