Dan and Phil ^.^

Dan and Phil ^.^ LOLOL Tbh, I'm definitely more like Dan (minus the swearing tho) amazingphil danisnotonfire>>> anyone else think dan and phil would make a perfect dipper and mabel?

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we’ve completed our white girl pilgrimage to the first ever starbucks in seattle ☕️ (at Original Starbucks)

Look at them legs  ~ ~ ~

Why aren't there more bro memes about the biggest brotp on the planet


Idk weather to pin this to my Bands board or my Dan and Phil board. Fuck it, I'll just put it on my fandoms board


Comment if you understand this. And if you understand don't give it away. Let the people who know comment and the other people guess. We're gonna play guess the fandom :) < phandom * ;

Dan and Phil

But I'm looking at my will to live right now. Dan and Phil are the reason I'm alive.<<<That and there fact that my state comicon is on Sunday and I'm going as Mabel Pines no way I'm missing that.