Cyndi Lauper. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! This is a pose that really tells what Lauper is musically and is successful for that.  Wondering if she had a lot to do with the pose because it works so well as an interpretation ...the composition worked too...naturally....wdk

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Cyndi Lauper is known for embracing the funky fashions of the 80s, and putting her funky feel into her happy pop songs. Description from I searched for this on

Music Muses: It’s only (beautiful) rock ‘n’ roll

Cyndi Lauper, 1989-Singer famous for the song,"Girls Just Want To Have Fun".

Style Icons 1989 - 80s Fashion - Madonna, Princess Diana, Lisa Bonet

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Then: Cyndi Lauper The ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ singer was one of the most iconic artists of her era.

Cyndi Lauper - now this is how the hat is supposed to sit on your head

Cyndi Lauper opshop fashion now this is how the hat is supposed to sit on your head Más

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It’s a simple request—girls just want to have fun.damental rights. Support True Colors Fund & Planned Parenthood when you get Cyndi Lauper’s official t-shirt.

Cyndi Lauper

In typical MPB ripped - from-the-headlines fashion, I present Helen Mirren at last night's BAFTA's ceremony in London.

Cyndi Lauper Press Shoot, London 15/06/1983.  Photo by Terry Lott.

When everyone was into Madonna I was a Cyndi Lauper fan. (Although Madonna's very early work was pretty cool)

Cindy Lauper, 1984 American Music Awards

Behold: The World's Most Expensive Dress?

Cindy Lauper was a very popular singer in the She had a rock and punk style. She wore leather gloves, dresses with hints or bright colors, colored her hair and wore bright lipstick.