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Go biking!

The Airwheel can be the simple solution to world's most complicated problems, TOO. If you love health and fitness and also love the planet. Check the airwheels out----- New trend of transportation to a greener living!

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The 6 Most Hardcore Cycling Quotes From the Pros | I Love Cycling

‘retro styled Tour de France cycling illustration poster print: SHUT UP LEGS’ Poster by SFDesignstudio


ciclistapazzo: “I am officially adopting this mantra. bikemech: “ Good motto for life. At least for me, I find I can solve the worlds issues, bring peace to my mind, and spark joy in my heart upon my bicycle.

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The 6 most hardcore cycling quotes to from the pros to keep you motivated. Eddy Merckx, Jens Voigt, Lance Armstrong, Greg Lemond and more.

Ride to live // Cycling Poster // Retro bike poster // by MMcKinneyDesigns

Ride to live // Cycling Poster // Retro bike poster // by MMcKinneyDesigns

10 of our favourite (mainly cycling) quotes

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Using the tires to create an infinity symbol was a nice touch on this logo. Hence the bike "forever" quote. Simple yet effective logo

Biking is part of you!

This might be the perfect tattoo to cover my new scar. Unless I decide to leave the scar as the perfect imperfection it wants to be.

I'm doing this for...

curves-n-fitness: “ This is highly important. People think I’m doing this so people can see me rock a bikini, no. I’m doing this so I can feel confident enough to wear a bikini to the beach. I’m not.