A stunning piece, this beautiful large clock is an impressive addition to any room. This clock is modeled after European cathedrals of the 12th-16th Centuries. It features the gothic arches and ornaments that typify the style. This is a large and striking piece and is a centerpiece of art and design. There are very few …

Christophe - Musical, 8-Day, 1-Wind, Gothic Design, Cuckoo with Moving Wings, Dancers 8366

Kitsch colourful cuckoo clock pink yellow

Kitschy painted cuckoo clock, decorated with fabric and crochet flowers, buttons, beads and ribbons.

Delightful cuckoo clock ... the wonders of clockwork! from Cuckooclock.de

the wonders of clockwork! from Cuckooclock. I saw the wood carver making these bear cuckoo clocks

Cuckoo for cuckoo clocks

The top ten weirdest German Christmas gifts

Let the Muppets bring their unique brand of entertainment and lights to every hour with The Muppet Show Cuckoo Clock. It even plays sound clips from the beloved TV show!

Disney The Muppet Show Cuckoo Clock

Aw,,we all looked forward to sitting down to watch "The Muppets" we loved it.(after Kermit,animal was my fave!

This is German clock I truly want... hint hint hint Sulu...

German clock (Black Forest cuckoo) in a vintage style. musical 8 day clock I want to find a cool cuckoo clock when I go to Germany & ship it home. That and a cool beer stein, and maybe a zither. To play wearing my dirndl.

8-day music dancer cuckoo clock Bahnhäusle

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Neon Cuckoo Clock

Neon Cuckoo Clock - Cuckoo clocks remind me of being in Germany and my family. I like that these are quirky enough and not just old fashioned.

My obsession with clocks: meet my obsession with birds. ...aaaand my love for all greens/blues. This is FAB!! Image by Tereasa Surratt of a Very Modest Cottage http://averymodestcottage.blogspot.com/2011/01/cuckoo-clock-installation.html (And by the way? That rocking chair? SWOON!)

Multiple - Art Wall: cuckoo clock installation from the land of wandawega