Creating circumstances and then not liking the outcome.  For some people, drama and accusations are all they have and enjoy.

Take responsibility of your actions and stop whining. The narcissist will always play the victim after they caused the drama.

This… coming from a supposedly shallow boy band… why can't it come from the average guy who doesn't spend all his free time singing about how he shouldn't have broken up with you but did anyways?

Just the Little Things. - Chapter 10: Your Band.

This is some deep shit. Like o my god. But Niall's tho Liam honey you ignore me :'( <<< I love all of their quotes. they're amazing and i love them with all my heart.

Justin with Avalanna (RIP) Do I think Justin is a complete jerk? No, no I do not.

AWWWW I love it! The world lost a fighter but heaven gained and angel! You will forever be missed avalanna love you baby

Yup and it fucking hurts man - can someonecome cut this son of a bitch outa my chest, i am done with it!!

😢 they call me cry baby, cry baby but I don't f****** care. Cry baby cry baby, I'll laugh through my tears.