Cross heart and anchor hope and love

Cross, anchor and heart, hope and I've gotta find a spot for it!

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wrist bracelet tattoos - Tattoo ideas 2016 / 2017

tattoo done by Lauren @ house of ink in Hawaii IG- Laurentattoo wrist bracelet tattoos - Tattoo ideas 2016 / 2017

Cross---love this and love the placement

Me and my best friend got these matching tattoos, we met through a nursing course at uni, hence the cross, :) x

Little Behind the Ear Tattoo with a Cross Heart and Anchor-Truly Symbolic

40 Inspiring Tiny Ear Tattoos That Make You Say ‘I Need This’

Got this little tattoo behind my ear (: the heart symbolizes love, cross symbolizes faith, and the anchor symbolizes hope. Hope anchors the soul Hebrews

Anchor with cross and heart tattoo on wrist is awesome design

Superlative Anchor Tattoos Designs For All

Cross & Heart Tattoo  My tattoo I got today 3/26/13 ~Lesley

I'd like it if the cross was bigger than the heart and if the heart sort of wrapped around the middle of the cross.

Cross heart tattoo

'IF' I ever got a tattoo! And of course i'd wait until after I'm married! Heart and cross tattoo. Christ in The center of our relationship.