cross hand tattoo - love! Love love love the placement!

Demi Lovato Cross Tattoo on Her Hand - Meaning of The Religious Tattoo

Demi Lovatos Cross Tattoo on her right hand shows her religious side. As a self-proclaimed devout Christian, Demi Lovato has a few religious tattoos on her

EmBound: Cross Tattoos - I like the upper left-hand corner one & second from the right in the second row.

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Catbird's star-crossed hand bracelet inspired by crown in 'The Never Ending Story' & Juliet's sleeves in 'Romeo & Juliet'.

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Not sure where I would put this but I would love it

Cross Tattoo Designs

Demi lovato`s cross tattoo is my favorite location for a tattoo ever, regardless of not being her biggest fan or liking cross tattoos all that much. It's so small and unique. I love it.