Crochet is easy once you learn the different stitches! See step-by-step diagrams with accompanying videos for making some of the most common crochet stitches, and get started on your first crochet project today.

Learn Basic Crochet Stitches

Learn Basic Crochet Step 1 Make a loop; then hook another loop through it. Step 2 Tighten gently and slide knot up to hook.

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Crochet Basics Infographic (Crochet Concupiscence)

OriginalPinner: Crochet Basics Infographic - Crochet Concupiscence I want to print this and carry it with me when I work in public. A quick answer to that "I've always wanted to know how to do that!

Crochet Cheat Sheet from Oombawka Design Tabla de medinas norteamericanas.

Crochet Cheat Sheet

Crochet Cheat Sheet Oombawka Design [Check out the whole site!] Take a look at this awesome Crochet Cheat Sheet! This is a great resource.

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Yarn Hack: How To Seamlessly Switch Yarn Colors!

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How To: Crochet - For Beginners