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When I was a child my very favorite gift was a big box of Crayola Crayons (back then the big box had only 64 colors) and a package of paper.

Christopher by Fred Hatt, 2007, aquarelle crayon on paper, 29 1/2 x 19 3/4. Collection the artist.

need this color paper too. as well as those aquarelle crayons. Christopher by Fred Hatt, aquarelle crayon on paper, 29 x 19 Collection the artist.

Nice Crayon Editorial Drawings by Damien Cuypers – Fubiz Media

Nice Crayon Editorial Drawings by Damien Cuypers

Crayola drawings of French illustrator Damien Florébert Cuypers have the smell of childhood. Damien makes editorial drawings, full of colors, for magazines suc

crayon drawing of leonid afrem by

crayon drawing of leonid afremov's artwork my first crayon art. done using crayon. on sketch pad video wip. [link] [link] crayon drawing of leonid afrem

Drawing with Block Crayons - You see how the letter "C" is integrated within the picture of the cat? This is integral to the Waldorf approach to teaching young children the alphabet. Each letter is introduced within the context of a richly illustrated story to bring the letter alive within the child.

Chocolate Eyes: Drawing with Block Crayons & A Donsy of Gnomes Giveaway Coming Soon!

Melted crayons, so simple and always fun.  Look so cute framed.  I need to find a hot plate at the Goodwill.

Pampering in a Jar - warm fuzzy socks, lip balm, hand lotion or bubble bath, and some chocolates.