Lovin The Momma Life: Corona Cupcakes with Captain Morgan Lime Frosting

My neighbor turned 50 earlier this month and her party was this weekend. Since I love baking I offered to make cupcakes.

Corona Cupcakes with Lime Cream Cheese Frosting. sounds amazing. i want to do this for st pattys day

Corona Cupcakes

Corona Cupcakes with Lime Cream Cheese Frosting. I don't even like Corona and these were delicious. My mom doesn't even drink and she thought these were delicious. These are delicious.

Wild Blue Yonder: Corona & Blue Moon Beer Cupcakes

Last week, my handsome fiancé turned I decided several months ago that I wanted to throw him a surprise party since we have no idea h.

Today I decided to celebrate with these 25 Drunk Cupcakes (or Cupcakes with Alcohol in Them).

25 Totally Drunk Cupcakes

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Corona Cupcakes

B’s birthday was a couple weekends ago, and he’s a beer fan. For Valentine’s Day I made him Blue Moon cupcakes, so for his birthday, I went with Corona Cupcakes. He loved them.