Congo Bars are gooey, soft and packed with chocolate! Love a vintage recipe!

Congo Bars

Congo Bars - My family has had this recipe for years, it is one of our favorites!

chocolate chip cookie brownies (AKA : Blondies or Congo Bars) Made: very tasty and very soft! used milk chocolate chips, semi-sweet chips, white chocolate chips and a hand full of reeces pieces

Congo Bars - chocolate chip blonde brownies I have made these so many times and they are always a big hit!

Congo Bars Recipe ~ Slightly under baked chocolate chip blonde brownies are the best!

Classic Seven Layer Bars {Katie at the Kitchen Door}

A New Job // Classic Seven-Layer Bars

Soft & chewy Congo Squares -- the best chocolate chip cookies in a pan! || Sugar Spun Run

Soft and chewy Congo Squares, or Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Pan. Chocolate Chip Cookies in a pan -- made extra soft and delicious.

Oh my! This Congo Bars Recipe is amazing! I need to make this for our next family gathering! Everyone love them!

Congo Bars

As you can see this Congo Bars recipe makes up a huge platter ready to serve at your next gathering!

Congo Bars: Blondies with toasted coconut and chopped pecans recipe | If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen

Congo Bars

I like to think of Congo Bars as Blondies' cool older brother (or maybe exotic cousin). They are basically blondies with toasted coconut and chopped pecans.

Congo Bars! A vintage dessert bar that no one can resist!

The Best Congo Bars Recipe - a thick and chewy classic dessert bar, filled with peanuts and three kinds of chocolate!