Use editable standards checklists to get and STAY organized. Use Excel or Word, or just quickly add students' names and hit print. Digital and paper- the best of both worlds!

Assessment Tool Common Core Star Rubircs and Differentiated Checklists. This website provides different checklists for different subject areas.

I Can Statements 3rd Grade Math

The Common Core Standards, and lesson plans are all about the, "I can" statements. This is a good tool for teachers to use for when making sure students understand what standard you just taught.

If someone is making you keep track of when you teach each Common Core Standard, this kindergarten checklist may totally be worth printing and putting into your teacher binder. but for your sake - I hope no one is asking for this type of documentation.

Everything "I Can" Common Core for 4th Grade

We have gathered all of our Common Core resources for grade. We hope this makes it easier to access all of our grade resources. Common Core Checklists ("I Can" & CCSS versions - as an .

For standards blending curriculum so that counselor's in common core states can align their lessons with common core standards.

Need to write an amazing lesson plan for your upcoming observation? Not sure how to properly format a lesson plan that aligns with the Common Core State Standards? Use this simple Common Core Lesson Plan Template to set you on the right path!

I Can Statements 2nd Grade Math

grade I Can statements! Kid-friendly and bright with an awesome positive spin. Helps students gain confidence in their work!

Tracking Student Progress and Mastery

Easily organize and track math and ELA student progress for grade Common Core standards. Read about how to use it and get the FREE whole-class math checklist.