'Blush Brush' by Rich Begany - Photography from United States

Rich Begany Photography Specializes in New York City Cosmetic Photography and also Specializes as a NYC Cosmetic Photographer

Colourful product photography and styling for Punky Pins by Marianne Taylor.

Commercial photographer Marianne Taylor – Specialising in product photography, lifestyle photography, and content creation.


(Like: rich colors, strong contrast, crisp focus) This is lit with a hard backlight at the top (highlights the edges) and somewhat to the right along with a soft light from the front to show detail.

Red/Purple onion are high in vitamin C, a good source of fiber, low calorie per serving, sodium,fat, and cholesterol free. Has a high content of "polyphenol" which helps with the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. They are rarely genetically modified but other reports said they have been field tried as GMO about17 times but approval is none.This vegetable is popularly known and used all over the world. (www.gmo-compass.org). I love using it.

Life is like an onion: you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep. - Carl Sandburg -From up North's photography galleries

I like this because of how the bubbles stand out through the glass.

Commercial Photography- I like how it has the dark and bright, the only bright part is the items they want to sell

horst p. horst

ce-sac-contient: “Horst P. Horst - Still life, Oyster Bay, Long Island, 1950 Dye transfer print, printed later × cm) ”

its cool how its being poured out and the strawberries have been put in to say the flavour is strawberry and the colours work well

Hangover drops (wineglass with bottle of drop inside, wide splashing into glass- coloured backdrop).