In fact, entering this garden is like walking into an outdoor mansion filled with green leafy rooms.

The Secret Garden In South Carolina You’re Guaranteed To Love

The “Soda City” has plenty to eat, too.

The 15 Essential Columbia, SC Restaurants

Columbia’s restaurants are turning out some serious eats, from vegan bacon wraps to pimento cheeseburgers.

The Top 10 Things to Do and See in Columbia, South Carolina

10 Things to Do and See in Columbia, South Carolina

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20 Best Things About Living in Columbia, SC

17 Best Things to do in Columbia, South Carolina

South Carolina Philharmonic Patriotic Music Concert at Harbison Theatre in Columbia, SC: of July Getaways Every American MUST Take

Under the Gervais Street Bridge, Columbia, South Carolina

I could use the beautiful bridge as a point of departure to create overlapping pattern in a deco style painting.

state house

Famously Hot Columbia, South Carolina

While in Columbia, South Carolina we saw some of the sites including some public art, the State House, some historic homes, the gardens at the Governor’s Mansion.