Rough Color Script by lurking_tiki, via Flickr

Color and Atmosphere layout for an attraction concept I came up with this Fall. Working through every lighting change made this more work than it looks, hah. The drawings themselves are only about an inch wide, colored in Painter.

Art of AnthonyE: Color Harmony Studies..........Click on image to enlarge....

Art of AnthonyE: Color Harmony Studies. Try changing the light and color to transform the mood of a drawing.

color script. Toy Story 3, courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios

Dice Tsutsumi is the guy behind the color script in Toy Story 3 and one of the most talented color Art Directors in the animation busines.

" The colour script is an early attempt to map out the colour, lighting, emotion and moods"--That's why I'm going to start using color scripts!

Colour scripts serve a functional purpose in animation. Due to the nonlinear production process of computer animation, the director needs all the clues he can get as to what the finished image might.