Not just a teen post kiddos! This is creepy to everyone, lol.

Teenager Posts Of The Week!

correction- College Problem not teenager problem!>>>>> umm it can be a teenage problem. Especially when you are in highschool and in Ib which is practically college classes sooooo ✋👌

College is nothing; get to grad school. I'm literally never getting out of debt #imindebtuptomyeyeballs

Request Submit a post Rage comics reflecting the inherently frustrating nature of the graduate school experience.

That's the only reason I'm glad college is over..i hated being dirt poor lol

24 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Going To College

The truth! How will I pay for college after this if I am broke as a joke. I've decided this pin leads up to problem solving, finding a way to save your money, put it away, find ways others are solving this problem and then this issue is solved!

Statistics for adults who've graduated college. Times have changed.

Fun statistics for adults!

I did not spend 6 years of my life to learning MLA Format, just to simply switch over to APA...... Thanks college.

Someone posted a whisper, which reads " I did not spend 6 years of my life to learning MLA Format, just to simply switch over to APA.

Blog Post: College Problems: This is how I've answered this question for the past 5 years

College Problems

College problems

Student win :) I hate limits on printing! Especially in creative writing classes where I have to print out copies of every student's story to critique!

Well, I do....for like 2 seconds

What Would Receiving a Text Message from Your Dog Be Like? It Would Go Something Like This...

Funny pictures about First World School Problems. Oh, and cool pics about First World School Problems. Also, First World School Problems.

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