If there’s one thing about crafting that’s true, it’s that often times it can be expensive. Buying supplies for a craft from scratch means that it can cost more to make an item than to just buy it. That’s why …

5 Clever Coffee Filter Crafts

DIY Coffee Filter Garland -possible coffee theme at my wedding, could be a good decoration

Coffee Filter Garlands

Coffee Filters... Who Knew

Coffee filter craft ideas! Coffee filter wreath. Coffee filter pom poms. Coffee filter flowers.

The 11 Best Coffee Filter Crafts

From flowers to wreaths, tap into your crafty side with one of these 11 Best Coffee Filter Crafts.

coffee filter backdrops - photo by Audra Wrisley Photography http://ruffledblog.com/botanical-lavender-bridal-inspiration

Botanical Lavender Bridal Inspiration

coffee filter garland

How to Make a Garland of Coffee Filters for New Year's

Coffee Filter Garland would be good for classroom experiment to show what colors make up ink colors

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