How to make a city hall wedding memorable

How to make a city hall wedding memorable: I'm about at the point to say no big wedding, just go to city hall and get married

if civil ceremony occurs at the city hall... seems like a must to take this classic picture!

Getting married at City Hall San Francisco, just like Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio. (Photo courtesy of Rebecca Wilkowski Photography.

A City Hall Wedding We Can't Stop Looking At #refinery29  The two newlyweds caught in the moment.

A City Hall Wedding We Can't Stop Looking At

San Francisco City Hall Elopement – Mayan + Ryan » This Love of Yours Photography – San Francisco Wedding Photographer

There is something so magical about San Francisco City Hall Elopement images. Mayan + Ryan's show's the magic and whimsy you can experience at City Hall.

Every single thing you need to know.  (We're creating a series, so go request what City Halls you want in the comments.)

San Francisco City Hall Weddings: Everything You Need To Know

Here is a handy guide for couples how want to get married at San Francisco City Hall, from a wedding photographer who shoots weddings there every week.

Photography: IQphoto -  Read More:

Intimate Elopement at San Francisco City Hall

Chic City Hall Elopement First Look // Photography ~ Lara Lam

A Chic Modern-Vintage City Hall Elopement

Get gorgeous civil wedding inspiration with this dreamy fine art shoot from San Francisco City Hall by Lara Lam and Kyra Gold.

City Hall Wedding Checklist, Tips, Guide

10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Getting Married At City Hall

A list of 10 important things you should know if you're planning to get married at City Hall.