Fundraising. Ugh. That’s what I think every fall when I realize that we have some awesome mission trip opportunities, but that we’re going to need to raise some money. So, if you’…

Wall O Money. Wonder if this long-term fundraiser would benefit other types of groups. Could put up the board at all events: garage sale, halloween party, silent auction. Wall of volunteer opportunities.

I made these for a fundraiser at church! Sold for $10 a can... they could have gone for more!

Its a full can (un-opened - you need the weight to hold all the goodies!) insulation foam - hot glue the candy and tissue paper and curling ribbon to them. Then stick 'em in! I then go back and fill in!

10 Great Ideas to Organize a Bingo Fundraiser

10 Great Ideas to Organize a Bingo Fundraiser

A bingo fundraiser is one of the most popular and fun ways of raising money for a good cause. In this Buzzle article, we will list out the varied factors that go into planning a successful bingo fundraiser.

I love these creative ideas for unique gift baskets--especially the Cupcake and Stuffed Burger themed ones!

5 Creative DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for friends, family & office!

Holiday Gift Baskets can be a fun alternative to traditional Christmas gifts. I put together a few different gift baskets last year