Full/Queen Bed Canopy with lights

Full/Queen Bed Canopy with lights Sheer material with white Christmas lights, hand made Amanda's bedroom windows bookcase/ storage bass

This Journey: Christmas Light Upgrade!

Easy Christmas Light DIY: Cut a small "x" into the ping pong balls, and pop them over the bulbs! Note: ping pong balls are flammable, so be sure to use LED lights which don't get hot!

Para cuando vivas sola.

20 Cosas lindas que tendría tu habitación ideal

LED lichterketten hinter gardinen schlafzimmer

Christmas lights and sheer curtains as a headboard. I love the idea of curtains as a headboard. I would add an amazing curtain rod also!

This item is perfect for decorating around the house. These gorgeous lights are plug in on white cording. This includes 3 light strands. Each light strand measures and contains 100 bright micro li (Diy Photo Hanging)