Ive been bit so many times in Thailand these past 2 weeks by mosquitos. This is funny but so sad, its ITCHY!

I want to be so full of Jesus Christ that if a mosquito bites me it flies away singing There Is Power in the BLOOD, Christian humor.

The last giraffe to date on Noah's ark. Buahaha!!! -- SDA, Seventh Day Adventist, funny meme, Christian humor, bible story comic

The last giraffe on earth

The last giraffe to date on Noah& ark. -- SDA, Seventh Day Adventist, funny meme, Christian humor, bible story comic

I never would have pegged Mama as religious

I really like this example of why u should go to church. -- SDA, Seventh Day Adventist, Christian humor, so true


God aint real cause you cant see him meme but we can see evolution happen?

Despite all of the mixed messages about following Jesus that circulate in our culture, there are many things Jesus never said. Here are 11 Christian memes that totally get it.           

11 Things Jesus Never Said as Told by Memes

Things Jesus Never Said – Go out into the world and twist Scriptures so that no one is offended

Not been on for a long time but know you will understand. Love this son know you would has well.....love you son miss you so much..... it hurts so much Xxx

“Just love everyone. I’ll sort ’em out later” – God Seriously though why don't people live this way?

Christian Humor....read blog for more pics!

Here is a neat Internet meme: Jesus Was Here with a photo showcasing wine bottles below a sign that says water. Jesus’s first miracle was to change water into wine at the wedding at Cana.

Pictures, I tell you!

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