Charlie Day - I know he's not a heartthrob... But he's HILARIOUS & adorable... Isn't the the same? <3

I have a thing for goofy-looking guys like Charlie Day. Or maybe just for Charlie Day.

sb random 351 Sunday brunch (50 photos)

Sunday brunch (50 photos)

A friend couldn’t understand how her cat physically managed to get stuck in her roof…

I am going to smack everyone into little tiny pieces.

23 Quotes That Prove Charlie Kelly Is Your Spirit Animal

freaking charlie day. i love him

Dream girl

What the heck! He is concerned about looking nasty after eating a hot pocket from a trash can! He needs to be worried about how crazy that girl is!

Be Charlie Day, wear stripes. Boom, you got me.

Be Charlie Day, wear stripes.

a love letter to charlie day.

A Love Letter To Charlie Day