I stayed awake till 4a.m this morning just because this pin, the kid at my bed-side with a knife, glad that did NOT happen. CREEPY KID!!!! | Scary | Pinterest …

Why is this kid supposed to be scary and threatening? Is there a movie reference I'm missing?

Thanks you. Really. I love you

never you will be forced to send forward again

But, seriously guys. Stop reposting scary chain mail, I promise nothing bad will happen to you. When you repost it, other people see it. Think of other people before you repost. STOP CHAIN MAIL!

Good luck, Clovers and Lol on Pinterest

There's actually a special technique for finding four leaf clovers in the real world. Scan an area looking for three leaf clovers. When your brain finds something that's NOT a three leaf clover, it'll go "Eep!

Instagram photo by gabedagamer - Repost if you don't want scary posts /:-) #safetycat | Creepy Shit | Pinterest | Safety, Kitty and Just Because

Keep safe from all those dumb "repost or else" chain posts <that's three safety animals for me!