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Lovely ombre celtic knot bracelet tutorial. Pinning this for @Gale L. because I know she loves Celtic knots.

16 Pretty Bracelet Tutorials

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Best DIY Ideas Jewelry: DIY Jewelry DIY Nautical Rope : DIY Ombre celtic knot bracelet - love this although I doubt I could make it -Read More -

Knotted coasters & trivets.  Love this Celtic knot, it would good in multiple colors too.

Knotted coasters & trivets -- This is for when you have time while you're camping! This is perfect for Celt and sea lovers!

Celtic Knotwork inspiration:  Celtic Knotwork RW Series 02.  In no way do you have to use any of these, though if you find one that inspires you....go for it!

The Country Needle Embroidery Designs® Celtic Knotwork RW Series 02 [Series - Celtic Knotwork- Series 02 This set is available in either the & sizes

A collection of knotwork styles

Vikings Examples of almost the same motif and composition in different knotwork styles. I made one 2 years ago and I thought it was time to draw an updated version.

Image detail for -Celtic Knots: Tribal Snowflake Tattoo by *KiaayoTotem on deviantART

Four Point knot. Symbolizes four directions/journey. or Four seasons/eternity. Inner wrist/forearm - Right Celtic Knots: Tribal Snowflake Tattoo by KiaayoTotem on deviantART

Scottish Sea Pebble and  Leather Celtic Knot Necklace -Seaglass -Surfer Necklace -Beachwear-Etsy seller

Scottish Sea Pebble and Leather Celtic Knot Necklace -Seaglass -Surfer Necklace -Beachwear-Etsy seller This would be beautiful with a Michigan Petoskey stone.

celtic alphabet #2

Knotwork letters from: Free Printable Irish and Celtic Symbols Collection Milsaps L Watson