After browsing loads of ideas for along the new fence, I think this is it!

How to Space a Privacy Fence Using Arborvitae Pyramidalis

Along the back fence Hedge with decorative flowers Skyrocket juniper or emerald arborvitae hedge or privacy screen with foundation-style plantings of peonies and .

conifer identification - Google Search - Sequin Gardens                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Discover thousands of images about Conifer tree guide. A great way to identify which trees different pinecones come from. Time for a nature walk!

Cedar Tree Care: Tips For How To Grow Cedar Trees

Facts About Cedar Trees – Learn How To Care For A Cedar Tree

Growing the Deodar Cedar (Cedrus deodara)  *Tree guy recommends this tree*

Familiar with the Deodar Cedar?

Deodar Cedar (Cedrus deodara) , California Christmas tree, drought and wind tolerant, good specimen tree

purple tree? And border along the back in front of the cedars to keep mulch in and grass clippings out...stone border instead...

Colin wants privacy trees along the privacy fence.Back yard purple tree? And border along the back in front of the cedars to keep mulch in and grass clippings out.stone border instead.

White-tipped deodar cedar

California Christmas tree - Cedrus deodara drought tolerant once established, occasional water in the sw, full sun, usda zones (roots are hardy to zone

Cathedral Grove is a rare and endangered remnant of an ancient Douglas fir ecosystem on Vancouver Island in British Columbia (BC), Canada

NOTHING beats the quality of light in Cathedral Grove, everything is so rich and green and amazing. Ancient Red Cedars (the biggest trees are 800 years old) in Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Evergreens That Stop Growing at a Perfect 8-12 ft. Height - These easy-to-grow hedge trees are perfect for tight areas. Its shimmering emerald color and disease resistance make it an extremely popular evergreen hedge.   Your best choice for a medium-sized privacy screen... just plant every 3 ft. for a tidy, neat hedge that never needs trimming.  Ideal for...

Emerald Green Arborvitae

Thrives on Neglect! - Extremely drought tolerant Forms a thick privacy screen Adaptable to various soil types The attractive 'Blue Sapphire' Cypress is the most drought tolerant of any evergreen.