Polsterbezüge, Retrotapete

caravan makeover: bright retro feeling wallpaper, white wood, and light floors-- feels open, clean and new with a vintage vibe from the patterns and colors.

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My Fashion Sketchbook: Caravan Idea I love all of the windows. Makes a person feel closer to nature.

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A felt caravan garland, made up of 6 retro style caravans in bright printed felt. The van shapes are hand cut from high quality acrylic craft felt and


Detail of the sleeping area. To clarify in this shot the main,fixed double bed is in lounging set up. When sleeping you have your head at this end and feet go under the back bunk. Storage under the steps.

Hi! We are the Caravan Crusaders, there's Mr Crusader aka Michael, Mrs Crusader aka Belinda and our mini crusaders Sabrina 9 and Dante 6.We bega

We are the Caravan Crusaders, there's Mr Crusader aka Michael, Mrs Crusader aka Belinda and our mini crusaders Sabrina 9 and Dante bega

Wohnwagen ⛺❤

In thisArticle You will find many example and ideas from other camper van and motor homes. Hopefully these will give you some good ideas also.