35 Hilarious Food Fails On Pinterest That Prove Looks Can Be Deceiving

Nailed it. Why on earth is someone wanting a hedgehog cake? ~Because we love hedgehogs of course! (Although I will admit that first cake is a little scary)


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Minion Cake? Nailed it.

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Women's Weekly Butterfly Cake Fail:

Women's Weekly Butterfly Cake Fail:

What's your biggest "birthday cake" fail?

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What's your biggest "birthday cake" fail? Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake Bites Nicht von mir---not mine.

Okay, raise your hands if you've tried Rubik's Cube and ended up wanting to turn it into something like the bottom cake, eh?

The bottom pick is pretty much what my Rubiks cube looked like after a while.

Wait, wait, it's just not finished -- just imagine it with the smile added -- see? Totally there.

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