Upcycled  A Cable Spool☕️This is a nice cheap idea turning a Cable spool into a bookcase/coffee table

What a great idea! Cut a wooden spool in half, add a coat of stain and you instantly have a warm side table that doesn't take up much room but provides ample display space. Void the tv please

Wire Spool/Pallet Mirror

15 Awesome Wire Spool Decor Ideas

Wooden cable reel, drum, or spool tables come dangerously close to wagon wheel coffee tables, and that can be a problem

Wooden cable spool table - 30 upcycled furniture ideas. This one is perfect for the pool area!

As versatile as wooden pallets, cable spools arise from coffee tables in the backyard to. great wooden cable spool table ideas and get inspired for.


Recycled Pallet Cable Reel Patio Furniture

Gone Thrifting - some very cool ideas..  makes ya think "why didn't i think of that!?"...

Finally a decent idea for my cable spools! From Old Cable Spool To New Library Table Read more: DIY Home Decor Crafts - Easy Home Decorating Craft Ideas - Country Living

Cable reels                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Maybe paint and stack 2 small ones for watering cans by the planting beads? Or use it as a table and chairs in the sand kitchen.

Half of a cable reel makes a great table too!  -cut off bottom and install and hinged door on base for some hidden storage!

DIY Spool Console - I've never been crazy about the full spool look, but I AM kinda diggin' this half spool.

Upcycled Cable Spool Custom Chalkboard Top by PipThePaintedPig, $150.00


What a lovely idea in a secret corner of the garden. Where the fairies live.Upcycled Cable Spool Custom Chalkboard Top by PipThePaintedPig