I love me a cabinet of curiosities     mainsail:    Wunderkammer (via Jere Smith: Wunderkammer)

practicesngenres: “ Jere Smith: “Wunderkammer” While doing some research, I discovered that a Cabinet of Curiosities is also termed as Wunderkammer (Cabinet of Wonders). People utilize these cabinets.

The Otherist Amsterdam: Cabinet of Curiosities | http://www.yourlittleblackbook.me/the-otherist-amsterdam/  retail concept store amsterdam interior butterfly

The Otherist Amsterdam

The Otherist Amsterdam: Cabinet of Curiosities *once they placed their hand over the glass, the crystals inside changes shape to what looks like a part of their armor*

Cabinet of Curiosities of Bonnier de la Mosson, Museum of Natural History, Paris by astropop (Morbid Curiosity), via Flickr

Cabinet of Curiosities of Bonnier de la Mosson, Museum of Natural History, Paris by astropop (Morbid Curiosity)

Cabinet of Curiosities. Carmine's Boutique.

Cabinet of Curiosities. I can only pray one day that we own a corner like this one day in our studio!

Create a Cabinet of Curiosities. I am so attracted to the idea of shadow boxes made into these little compartments of artsy goodies ....

Create a Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities Specimen no 28  The Locust Eye by mabgraves

Cabinet of Curiosities Specimen no. 82 - The Locust Eye Fly - original insect painting by Mab Graves

Accumulated in these cabinets were a concoction of phenomenons, from preserved animals and skeletons to more commonly seen matter. The rarer an item, the more attractive it appeared. Nevertheless, all items were recorded and displayed in a meticulous manner.

A Cabinet of Curiosity room.the first museums were items collected during the travels of the wealthy. They would then house these collections of random items in a specially built cabinet.

Eclectic display of objects, mostly skulls. The collector Cohn's story is interesting. See above link

Corabelles cabinet in her room. (I'm curious as to why certain things scare people. Are you not scared of these things? Fear is all in the head. I am scared. But not of these things)