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Fun afterschool snack for kids! Like ants on a log but better: cream cheese + kiwi, peanut butter + blueberries, and more. Try using these snacks in conjunction with children's books like The Snail and the Whale and Charlie the Caterpillar.

No recipe is offered, but I just *had* to keep this for a pic of cool punch for one of the boys' birthdays.

I want to make Beetle Juice! Bug Juice punch : Mix a yellow drink (i. Squirt or lemonade) with a blue one (kool-aid). You'll end up with a nice buggy shade of green. For fun you may want to add some gummy worm ice cubes or float bugs in the bowl.

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Let’s Get Buggy—A Boy’s Bug Themed 3rd Birthday Party

Does your son love bugs? The guest of honor at this boy’s bug themed birthday, planned by Kamille Martin and Michelle Betts of BettsMade, sure does!

Bugs Parade collage

Bugs and Bees and Butterflies, Oh My!

Adorable and delicious bug-themed snacks that your kids will LOVE this summer! with nieces and nephews and kids camping

Boys Bug Party Creative Food Ideas Snails Worms Caterpillars Ants Grass04--DesignLovesDetail Garlic bread dough was used to create the edible snails. We used broccoli slaw to give the snails their little feelers.

Boys Bug Party Creative Food Ideas Snails Worms Caterpillars Ants Garlic breadstick dough and broccoli slaw antenna