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Cocktail Table Option--small bud vases with single blooms and wedding foliage would be the lowest price point in the range; I wouldn't do the tall ones, more so the shorter ones in the front.

Ceramic Connected Bud Vases

Ceramic Connected Bud Vases

The Kalalou Connected Ceramic Bud Vases are elegant and stylish Vase for your home. The connected Bud Vases is a superb concept which is perfectly executed by s

The incredibly beautiful Nordic design with a focus on simplicity makes this wedding special.

Celebrating Her Love Of Botany With A Green Wedding At Old Mac Daddy

An Affordable Centerpiece Idea We Love: Bud Vase Arrangements

Bud Vase Wedding Centerpieces

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Rustic Urban Garden Wedding

Bud vases and blooms in the same palette as Devine Color's Sweet and Hot Beans Color Collection. #devinecolor #paint #devineinspiration

my favorite DIY . hodge podge flower arrangements with a variety of bud vases Leif Shop