Bride and groom cupcakes!

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The Dread Pirate Roberts cupcake from "The Princes Bride."

The Dread Pirate Roberts cupcake from "The Princes Bride. We should do the girl version of it for the shower, though.

If I do frosted cupcakes instead of mini cheesecakes, I love the idea of frosting them like a rose.

Fresh Luscious German Chocolate Cupcakes Pure Indulgence

Princess Bride Cupcakes

Princess Bride Cupcakes-instead of doing a "traditional" maybe it works better in your budget to order a small tier cake for you and your spouse to cut, and cupcakes for your guests! Don't know what Baker can do this for you?

wedding cupcakes cute

Wedding cupcakes, but with white icing and caramel colored flowers. Maybe an edible pearl or two Schroeder Schroeder Schroeder merricle how cute are these

Can you believe that these are cupcakes and not real succulents? In Love!

DIY Beach Wedding at Grootvlei by Ronel Kruger