We Fight Or We Die

Idk which is the best part of this post. Flipping a U turn, dad, cloud on a leash, or that his name is Bok Choy.

The Calico Cat: A couple cat quilts from the show...

Scrap Quilter living near Washington DC with a cat a husband & a Little Boy…

I freaking love this type of snake. Banana ball pythons are soooo pretty!!!!!

The Banana Ball Python is sooo cute. I want one really badly, but the spouse not having it. I already own a Pastel ball.

Well my cats name is Chloe and I know someone who's cats name is Darwin. So 2/4

Lol I've had a long line of cats with weird names. Currently I have a cat named George Washington, and previously I've had cats named Onion (my brothers idea), Kitty Pumpkincup (don't even ask), and many other weird names.

Top 5 Most IntellIgent Cat Breeds

Abyssinians definitely put the "a" in active. These are go, go, go cats fueled by curiosity and motivated by studying and mimicking the actions of their favorite people.

Give your pup the luxe bed she deserves!

How To Work Magic In The World Of Jewelry

15 Life Hacks You’ll Want To Try Even If They Are Weird As Hell Give your pup the luxe bed she deserves!

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17 Most Popular Long Haired Cat Breeds Around the World