Bombay cat--black

Bombay Cat : The Bombay Cat is an entirely black cat that was known for a while as the miniature black panther. The Bombay is a strong and muscular cat that is.

Adorable Bombay cat

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** BOMBAY CAT: " We wuz de ones bred to resemble mini- panthersl Sleek andz well- muscled; we kin body slam an adversary betters den your average kitteh.

Bombay cat information, facts, pictures and, busy and vocal with a deep unique purr and open heart that welcomes the company of cats, dogs and most especially children

* * KITTEH: " I sitz before yoo; de librarian's assistant. I already knowz wut books yoo be interested in:' Superstitions.' "

Kitty-Wan Kenobi, resident cat (a rescue kitty) of the Sandman Book Company ~ Punta Gorda, Florida. (The best bookstores have a cat, and this one looks like our Mickey Kitty.

This is what my cat looks like. He's a British Bombay. So perfect.

Brilliantly Interesting Personality Traits of Bombay Cats

Stretched out Bombay cat

Brilliantly Interesting Personality Traits of Bombay Cats

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This reminds me of and makes me miss my beautiful black kitty.

Look at the sad kitten eyes on that baby.

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Luna from Sailor Moon. I have a black cat who I named Luna because of the the cat from sailor moon