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Many of my works are based on strong bokeh and specifically circular bokeh which comes from the highlights in the background. It may be a bit cliché theme to some but I've always been interested in it because it's one of those things that only camera and lens can see.

I Photograph Nature With Circular Bokeh Backgrounds

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Bubbles happen when a person scrubs the floor on hands and knees (at least in Disney World, they do.

Bokeh City Lights in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Lane Ramage

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#city #reflection #bokeh by Karl-Shakur

Location- We want our character to be living in the city, the picture further represents how he doesn't feel apart of the city that he lives in. Moreover, his struggles mean it is hard to interact with the people around him.

Create Light Shapes With A DIY Bokeh Filter

Create Shapes From Light With This DIY Bokeh Camera Filter