Has potential...too dark, don't like the white curtain and id modify the teal furniture to house the sink... could be good inspiration for marlo's guest bath...some of those pictures are stupid...the frames could be wayyyy cooler too...

This aesthetic "Boho bathroom- WANT to do this in the bedroom and possibly bathroom Metal Art Rustic Editions"

what if my bathroom doubled as a jungle?

How To Create A Bohemian Atmosphere In Your Home

Bohemian bathroom - beads, plants, purple and green. maybe clear shower curtain and beads outside?

Boho by the sea                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Interesting use of wall length curtains to soften the bathroom space. Bohemian Bathroom Designs 21

23 Bohemian Bathroom Designs

Exotic Moroccan bathroom with a beautifully tiled shower, an antique wooden door and a gorgeous Moroccan pendant


El estilo marroquí para decorar la casa

If you already had a modern bathroom, this is a good way to bring boho warmth back into it

"She was born wild and curious, A cage is no place for someone like that. "I play with the fire of my own truth" she told me, "I will burn for the things I love" - Mia Hollow A stunning vintage turkish runner, just too beautiful for words 😍

I love this darling bathroom--old-fashioned tub, pink walls, window, and rustic chair.

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Rustic bedroom with bathtub in a private corner, facing a large window, with a lace curtain <3                                                                                                                                                      More

23 Bohemian Bathroom Designs

Dream Home :: Beach Boho Chic :: Living Space :: Interior + Outdoor :: Decor + Design :: Free your Wild :: See more Bohemian Home Style Inspiration great curtain idea.

Create the Look: Artful Bohemian Bathroom Shopping Guide

Create the Look: Artful Bohemian Bathroom Shopping Guide

A bohemian bathroom is more than just a spot to wash up—it's a luxurious room for relaxing in the tub, reading and daydreaming