Standard call out card back drop. Simple black white with touches of chosen highlight colour for graphics

(A/N: Auras appear smoky, though at first they're just a glow around the body. During the Rite, smoke also appears out of the skulls and consumes the thirteen-year-old. The smoke later forms their familiar.

Kevin Cooley’s Stunning Photographs Of Fire And Smoke

Kevin Cooley's Stunning Photographs Of Fire And Smoke

When I was a kid I didn't know you could question "god" I hated him instead.....I used to think he was such a dick....I have to be honest to this day I cringe at the word "GOD"....I  will stop reading anything when I see god or lord...unless I think it's you pinned it.....

smoke photography impact nature cloud bellow black and white saturated composition effect

Maximilian Jaenicke Crown of Smoke   How'd he do it? “Milk, water, a big jar, Canon Powershot A95 + macro converter lens, 2x 500 W halogen lamps, black board and PS, of course. Milk was dripped into water with a pipette. While the milk was   decending in the water, a series of shots were taken."

Hamlet was king of Denmark. His crown turned invisible when I was murdered. This relates because King Hamlet was killed and came back in ghost form to speak to Hamlet.