this is why i prefer ig : no one wants to talk to me on here

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my alter ego has a black pug puppy named jackson and he goes everywhere with her

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Think about my arms hound you holding you still. Covering you like a shield. Think about your head on my chest so you can sleep safe. Listening to a beat that calls only for you ❤

Ceinture, Balmain, Alexander McQueen... - Tendances de Mode

we love this fashionable pug during london fashion week as photographed by vanessa jackman.

Just checking on you... I know your phone is broken... We miss you guys..

24 Times Pug Tongues Just Could Not Be Contained

heart-melting indeed! Hon asked me to get the pet store to call us once they have a female black pug puppy so that our darling can have a mate. Hon, let's wait another year k. After we've shifted into our second home and they have ample space to roam and enjoy the new home :)

Photographer Amanda Jones chronicles canine lives in her book book titled 'Dog Years' in which she features photos of dogs from puppies, with testimonies from owners.

Holding a 10 week old pug - Imgur

Holding a 10 week old pug