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Think about my arms hound you holding you still. Covering you like a shield. Think about your head on my chest so you can sleep safe. Listening to a beat that calls only for you ❤

fotos de filhote de cachorro pug

Fotos de filhotes de Pug que vão derreter seu coração

Maggie Hudson owns a pug. He gets out of her yard and slips his collar. A certain hockey player finds him.

Holding a 10 week old pug - Imgur

Holding a 10 week old pug

Adorable itty bitty black pug puppy <3 I really hope my next Pug is a black one, so freakin cute!!!!!!!

Adorable itty bitty black pug puppy I really hope my next Pug is a black one, so freakin cute!

this is why i prefer ig : no one wants to talk to me on here

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This sweet pug that you just want to eat up

25 Puppies That Will Give You Feels

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Repin if you think it is cute, follow me if you would like one ,like if you have one!

More pugs as promised, will update in the future.

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Black pug. Omg the cuteness is melting my heart.

Please support your local shelters and rescue groups and always adopt, never shop. And, please spay or neuter all your pets. They are a treasure.

Black Pug

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