christy cassano; christy cassano-meyers; winter wedding; oregon wedding; forest wedding; fashion inspired wedding; reception in forest under white tent; bare wooden tables; wooden tiffany chairs with white cushions; hanging greenery; white curtains; black candles; brass candlesticks; white green floral garlands; gold plates; gold cutlery;

Dramatic Forest Wedding in Oregon Photographed by Christy Cassano-Meyers

I feel You In My Bones | A Dark & Moody Wedding Editorial

I feel You In My Bones

pastel colored wedding tablescape with a powder pink table runner and blue napkins, jewel tone florals and black candles

black candles ~ In magic, black candles are used for: Warding Off Negativity, Removing Hexes, Protection and Spirit Contact. They represent the Universe, Night and Truth. Use them to remove Discord or Confusion.

black candles ~ Layer black candles in the fireplace, perhaps around a few small pumpkins or fake bones


Wolf Moon hand made soy candle by Witch City Wicks - Deeply musky with woody notes and hints of patchouli and geranium