and every pair of pants you wear are tight in the thigh and 8 inches to big in the waist. #storyofmylife

Shannon Boxx's Soccer Workout: Olympic gold medalist Shannon Boxx focuses on her core and upper body to keep her fit on the soccer field

Screw 'Skinny Girl Problems'. Curvy girls have to deal with this way more. Everything nowadays is tailored for skinny girls.

'Skinny girl problems' This isn't just a small girls problem. I get this all the time and I'm a big girl. My small friends usually have little problem finding clothes that fit.

Lol all the time people tell me I look like a random other black person

~ random non- black friend. Or OMG you look just like * one of my black friends in class

Busty girl problems.

yet another depressingly hilarious "Busty Girl Problems"