tutorial for faking a pro blowout and getting big, soft, classic waves.


tutorial for faking a pro blowout and getting big, soft, classic waves {The Beauty Department}

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I am so excited to finally share with you guys a new hair tutorial. There’s no question that my favorite hairstyle is big, loose curls (after all, I am from Texas). It’s also the style I wear my most

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Kim Kardashian Big Curls Tutorial for Medium Long Hair Prom Wedding Everyday Hairstyles Kim Kardashian Big Curls Tutorial. How To Blow Dry + Curl Your Hair.

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A lot of your were requesting a hair tutorial so here it is! I will try to do a hair tutorial once every couple months because I do have different.

Easy loose big curl hair tutorial.

Big Loose Curls

I have a nasty habit when I curl my hair I curl it too tightly. I want loose beachy waves and get ringlets instead.

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The basic act of curling hair is pretty simple – it’s not hard to wrap hair around a curling iron or up into hot rollers. It’s what you do with those curls afterwards that becomes difficult.

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Ever wonder how to create the perfect big hair in your own bathroom! Today I'm sharing how easy it is to amplify and volumize your next curled hairstyle.

Overnight Heatless Curls! These look just like curling iron curls or waves! Plus they are easy to sleep on #KMHaloCurls:

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Big curls are great if you have longer hair. But how do you normally make big curls? Using a curling iron regularly is not so great, since too much heat from curling irons and blow dryers can cause damage and is unhealthy to hair over time. Fortunately, this method can achieve curls without the use

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How to get crazy big curly hair (no heat) - loreal out of bed texturizer. Pretty, real looking curls for girls with straight hair.