Oneybike, a folding recumbent bicycle designed by  Peter Varga      Intelligent gearing, reasonable cost and regenerative braking and this becomes the best bicycle ever made.

"Oneybike" a folding recumbent bicycle designed by Peter Varga; Intelligent gearing, reasonable cost and re-generative braking has become the best bicycle ever made!

Designer Mateusz Chmura has come up with The Grass Chopper – an elegant new bike “mimicking the wings and folded legs of a grasshopper”.

Insect-Inspired Bicycles

A cruiser bike inspired by the Grass Hopper. The “Grass Chopper” bicycle.

Bicycles have evolved quite a lot since the 19th century. The features, the technology, the comfort and ease of use in today's bicycle are solid proof science is progressing each day.   Sure, to some the bicycle is still a metal frame between two wheels powered by pedalling, but the technology in design and production is evident.   The next 22 bicycles are the epiphany of bicycle designs, but enough words. Let the imagery speak for themselves.

22 Stunning Bicycle Designs

Concept track bike from designer Alex Suvajac. The bike utilizes current technologies and material. It looks progressive, sleek, fast and fan. The author states that the bike was inspired from nature. Looks very unusual indeed

Cool bike designs

Frog-Inspired Bike Design - Alex Suvajec’s concept bike design takes its inspiration from nature. It’s a fascinating adaptation of a frog’s motion and structure.

the ‘growing kidzbike’ has been established for children that measure 115-155 cm in height. conceived by pulse design, it rolls on a 20″ and 24″ wheel–each of which are easily changeable with a quick release mechanism. made as a three-part ultramid injection moulded frame, the bicycle features drive and brake modes mounted onto the frame, a monolink fork and back swing, integrated steering system, slidable seat post, along with a computer and lights.

international bicycle design competition 2013 professional winners designboom - like the clean lines to this

This is such an interesting design... makes you feel aerodynamic... Nice frame work!!!

Take a bike out for a spin! -Tokyo-based Shinichi Konno designs bicycles with flow. His Silver Flyer track bike recently won both Best in Show and the President's Choice award at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

Bespoke Bicycle Desk Lamp made with a bicycle wheel and gears, with built-in on/off switch. Equipped with E14 bulb fitting and stan...

Bespoke Bicycle Desk Lamp

graphic screen print inspiration

graphic screen print inspiration

ZooZee Pro MTB is an innovation full-suspension mountain bike that won the award for 2011 International Bicycle Design Competition.

ZooZee Pro MTB is an innovation full-suspension mountain bike that won the award for 2011 International Bicycle Design Competition.

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For Trek World a group of designers envisioned what a bike might look like a decade later in for Trek's anniversary.My contributions to the project included color, graphics, icons and naming. Industrial design an…