Ben Barnes - Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Naria

Ben Barnes Oh my . I saw this picture and thought this is my chemistry teacher which is evev hotter than Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes :) for @Jesmarie13 (trying out the whole linking to twitter thing) oh and OMG JDKFkdsfjksd whut?

Greih, god of dreams, prophecy, and astrology. Inspiration Ben Barnes, with silver hair and grey eyes.

Gibt es einen Mann auf der Welt, der besser aussieht, als Ben Barnes? Ich glaube nicht.

You my… my brown eyed guy (20 photos)

Ben Barnes, Prince Caspian--Not sure if I like this for the lighting, the clothing, or the face.

This outfit is perfect for the guy who's a little bit refined, but also edgy and rebellious

Ben Barnes: The Prince’s Wardrobe