The Bump and the Grind: Week By Week

A helpful infographic guide for moms about your baby's weekly evolution alongside the changes taking place in your body during pregnancy (Mom and Baby, Week by Week)

Well, guess what? I hate being pregnant. I'm making no apologies for that. And I'm guessing I'm not alone. I suppose I should marvel at the wonder of new life growing inside me, for it is quite a miraculous phenomenon, but I can't seem to stop feeling like shit long enough to really get my thinkbox into the whole thing.

I Hate Being Pregnant And I’m Not Apologizing For It

12 Tips & Products That Make Being Pregnant Way Less Uncomfortable

12 Products That Make Pregnancy Less Uncomfortable

Ah, pregnancy. Beautiful as it is, it can be less than glamorous to experience — so products that make pregnancy less uncomfortable are welcomed with open (albeit swollen, sometimes numb) arms.

20 Reasons You'll Miss Being Pregnant

20 Reasons You'll Miss Being Pregnant

20 Reasons You'll Miss Being Pregnant - True true true. I also just enjoyed it.

I HAVE A TREAT FOR YOU IN THE OVEN.  He walks to the oven, opens it and is like… “what? Is this a burger? It’s lent, I can’t even eat meat. Where are the cookies? What is this?”  “I don’t know, WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE?”  “It’s a bun… in the oven.” I

3200 words on being pregnant. I'm not kidding

20 Reasons You'll Miss Being #Pregnant. (Motivation to enjoy pregnancy in this summer heat!) preparing for pregnancy prepar for pregnancy #baby #pregnancy

20 Reasons You'll Miss Being Pregnant

Contraction Action contractions-labor-pregnancy The lowdown on different types and what they mean

Why I Hated Being Pregnant. Good to know that if this is me someday I wont be only one out there

Why I Hated Being Pregnant

When it comes to pregnancy, women usually fall into one of two camps: Those who loooove the experience (and have the bump photos to prove it) and those who spend every minute counting down the minutes to labor.

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10 Big Pregnancy Decisions and How to Tackle Them

10 great things about being pregnant

The best things about being pregnant

There are some great things about being pregnant. From always getting a seat, to seeing how happy people are for you, to all those guilt-free cat naps y.